My Inspiration

A person that has driven me towards media and the study of it is Mark Gatiss, most notoriously known for his co-writing and co-creating of ‘The league of gentlemen’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Little Britain’.

I like the characterisations that he creates with a combination of the language that accompanies them.

His characters are unique yet relatable, generally an archetype that speaks in a unique way and always with a twist, or manipulation, of the words that produces a comically intelligent effect.

“…all we’re trying to do is tell exciting stories just like Conan Doyle did.” (Gatiss, 2015)

More specifically, I like and respect that he does not rely on issues of a violent or sexual nature to achieve his humour. Especially seeing as nowadays many creators rely on these shocking and controversial issues to gain an audience attention. 

He uses his unique writing style and intellect to capture his audience and has, because of this, tasted success.

“One of my great inspirations is a Victorian novelist Wilkie Collins… his mantra was ‘Make ‘em cry, make ‘em laugh, make ‘em wait’,” says Gatiss, chuckling after lingering over a long pause. “That’s what people want, no matter what they say. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘The suspense is killing me, I hope it will last’.” (Gatiss 2015)



Johnstone, Rose. “Mark Gatiss On Sherlock”. Time Out Melbourne. N.p., 2016. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.



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