Future Trend Predictions

The future is always a time of enthralling wonder.

Some people pay to know their futures, some prefer a surprise, others have their futures read from doctors notes.

Either way, at some point in time, most of us have wondered how our futures will unravel.the-challenge-of-the-unknown-future-is-so-much-more-exciting-than-the-stories-of-403x403-nk8usf

Secular trends seem to be constantly changing, and predicting them can be a difficult task. But as we look  back on these trends, it is easy to see a pattern, or rather a snowball of advancement. We look back and wonder, “how did I not see that coming? It’s the next logical sequence of steps!”

As I look back on trends, I notice a pattern. Most new trends are merely a combination of old trends revamped. This revamp is generally thanks to advancement in modern technology. For example, from walkmans to ipods, or normal toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes, or even dial-up internet to wireless.

Based on our past trends, I imagine the near-future trends within the next 5 to 10 years will dramatically continue to snowball. This change will, again, be moreso a revamp of the past, of old trends and recent technology combined.

Technology is evolving in such a way that we decide and agree that the latest of technology is all too necessary for our lives.

As health behaviours are becoming a priority to most people like healthy eating and exercise, dental care is the next step into our future. Little mouth plates will replace toothbrushes in a way that we pop it onto our teeth and the plate senses where bacteria and plaque is and cleans it up for us. The process will be quick, clean and easy taking up to two minutes max. This way our cleaning of teeth will be more effective and electric toothbrushes will be old news.


I eagerly await to see this in production soon!



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