Media Use & Identity

One thing I am passionate about in media, is hidden positive messages that will help someone learn and grow with the ‘bigger picture’ in mind. I have found through experience that this can sometimes help lessen your own life and problems, and conjure up a sense of appreciation for all of life and beauty that is constantly around you. I like to portray this theme of wisdom through literature; poems or short stories. I prefer that there are no aiding visuals, because getting absorbed into literature and being able to imagine it yourself, is such a special experience in the way that you can personify and tailor the story to yourself.


However, I also love communicating quirky situations that most people can relate with, bringing in a sense of community. For these types of messages I prefer using film with little to no dialogue.
For example, a lady might be portrayed in a shower, and after soaping both feet she might almost slip. The rigid dance of fear that she entertains whilst attempting to regain her balance is one that every person should be able to relate to. Her eyes widen, mouth is askew, fingers parted and clawing for any stable object while she lowers her body centre. When she has finally steadied herself, she will think how silly it was to soap both feet at once. But we all know that won’t stop her, or anyone else watching, to not do it again.

Body language is as strong as verbal language, if not stronger, as bodily responses tend to be less inhibited and guarded than verbal responses. Therefore body language can be deemed a more honest portrayal of how we are feeling.  

The media on which we portray messages and entertainment is as important as the content itself. Every part works together in harmony and synchronicity, producing a mindful message that can be remembered and appreciated.



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