Curation of Interests

I have made a Pinterest account that is a collection of all things I’m interested in. There are many pictures and quotes sorted through three different categories that I have made. These categories or themes are ‘Nautical’, ‘Tattoos’ and ‘Funny Comic Animations’. These categories best represent my interests as I’ll explain below..octopus.

I grew up in the suburb of Miami on the Gold Coast, so everyday was a beach day and my fascination with mermaids and all things ocean was cultivated. So now many things with a nautical theme produce a nostalgic feeling of where I used to live, and the relaxed beat of life as a child.

Art has always been something I’ve loved. Whether it’s drawing, writing, painting or crafts, I have loved creating things from since I can remember as I become so absorbed in what I’m doing and everything else becomes white noise. I like tattoos as a form of self-expression, however it is a commitment I could never attain (I struggle committing to a phone plan!).

Comics are forms of art that make me laugh, so I thoroughly enjoy them.

You can access my Pinterest board here.



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