I will be reviewing a video created by a group called wogboy1 on Youtube, called Wog Girls vs Aussie Girls. The light-hearted satirical video features two brothers who dress up as male and female characters and act out different scenarios that most girls have actually gone through; albeit through the lens of Australian and Wog* girls. For example there are scenes such as the differences in getting ready for a night out, interacting with their parents and flirting.


The two brothers, Theo and Nathan Saidden, started making short sketches on Youtube just to make their friends laugh, and consequently attracted more attention from the general public and were requested for more. This launched them into the spotlight and they now make films on the regular for the public entertainment.


Australian Girls vs Wog Girls consists of short sketches edited together. There is no continuity which is consistent with the genre of the mtv style of filmmaking they have used. The dialogue also supports this genre as they only use very short, relevant snippets are used. The acting is a exaggerated which is very fitting for the whole point of this short film, they are impersonating different characters and want to the audience to see  the contrast of Aussie girls to Wog girls clearly. The acting is very believable (the boys sometimes dress as females) and they pull it off extremely well. This character believability helps the audience to get absorbed into the film.

Even though the title claims that one ethnicity is “versing” another, there really is no competition. The film merely points out the different (good, bad and somewhat concerning) characteristics of both stereotypes. It is a comedic film and with many Australian girls and Wog girls living here in Australia, most viewers should be able to relate or recognise these stereotypical qualities. In a little twist of irony, it unifies the viewers and shows that we and our families are all a little bit different and quirky.

This short film effectively compares and contrasts stereotypes living in Australia. The qualities displayed to the audience are incredibly true, which makes it even funnier for the viewer to watch and relate to. I have no negative criticism for these boys, they have started a whole portfolio of films based on these stereotypes across many different situations. They have put a tremendous effort into these films and it has definitely paid off.

Well done!



*note: Wog, as according to, is an extremely offensive term for a person who is not white and mainly oriental. continues on to specify their ethnicity as Italian, Greeks, Lebanese and Maltese, etc.






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