ABC Shoot + Second Pitch

This week Brielle and I shot our ABC project.

Our ABC project was based on blood. Our individual letter we received was ‘K’. So being two independent white women – we went with ‘kitchen’. The idea of this film was to have a woman slicing red-coloured fruit that resembled blood and flesh by filming through a macro lens in slow motion on the C100. The shots of her cutting fruit were also filmed in a blue tinge to inspire a cold, sterile environment similar to that of a surgery.

Then the woman picks up the tray of cut fruit and walks into the sunlight, which we portrayed with a kelvin of 5300 on the camera and filmed in real time speed.

We organised a house, a talent and the props extremely efficiently due to the fact that we have a simple and effective idea (the most time consuming part to be during post-production).


The most difficult part in the creative process was the actual filming, to be entirely honest. The planning stage was great, the paperwork was great, everything was smooth, but filming with two people was ridiculously difficult.

This was mostly because it is extremely hard to gage and keep track of continuity, lighting (which had to be re-designed because some of the foods had more of a reflective surface than others), creating interesting angles, reframing after every shot, perfecting the focus, changing the F stop based on the fruit we were cutting (some fruit had more reflective surfaces than others), following a shot list, directing the talent and changing lenses etc with only two people.

In one way it was good with a small crew because inside the house was a tight space, so as you can imagine anything more than three would have been a crowd and too intrusive for the family’s house. That being said, I would still have preferred more people on set because on the second day (after a sleep after a 5 hour shoot for the one minute film), I realised we had forgotten two major shots that we missed (because we were so exhausted and it had started raining). So the next day (Tuesday), before the family went became busy I got the remaining shots but continuity became a problem. The first shots showed a lady carrying a platter of fruit, I couldn’t exactly redo that with all the fruit having been cut up and eaten the day before. So working around that was difficult. I had written down the camera settings so at-least that wasn’t a problem. The only downfall of shooting outside was that the lighting was that lighting wasn’t extremely effective in the bright outside deck.

Looking back, our plan and the final production (atleast of the footage we have captured without editing too much yet) is pretty much spot on. This is partly due to the fact that the plan was extremely detailed and we were on the same page. Brielle and I also worked together really well. We were both very professional, mature and took turns trying to get the perfect focus. Getting the perfect focus was a major part of this project, because as we filmed with a macro lens in slow motion, every detail was very obvious. So I feel fairly confident with the macro lens and perfecting focus now on objects.

The whole creative process was extremely fun and I learnt ALOT.


See the final product below…

We recieved feedback.

  1. The audience didn’t realise she was making a Bloody Mary so we should make it more obvious (I think this might be a culture difference as it’s not a typical Australian (or just QLD) drink because I asked others and only those from other countries easily understood what she was making.
  2. There was too much footage of the woman in it which lead the audience to believe that she was more important than she actually was in this film.


So we tweaked it a bit. Take a look at the latest and greatest!





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