Wedding Shoot

Carla & Jonathan’s Wedding


On Saturday I was a videographer for one of my good friends’ weddings. It was my first one so I didn’t charge, and lucky I didn’t because my partner and I made quite a few mistakes! But more on that after the positives.

Overall it was magical and I think we definitely captured that. We got 12 hours of incredible footage.

Here is an example of a snippet I filmed. The completed project is still in post-production.

On reflection, I did very well when it came to thinking on the spot of creative and beautiful ways to capture moments. The whole bridal party was more than happy to cooperate in order to capture this.

Okay mistake confession time.

Sit back – there are a couple doozeys.

  1. So we forgot our external audio recording device, so we decided we could just rely on the cameras for speeches etc seeing as we’ll be quite close to the people anyway (it was bathed in a low light so we had to be close to get any decent footage). But my partner forgot to switch the microphone from external to internal. So we only have my camera for any sort of audio. This was quite upsetting but decided that we’ll just see what we have to work with, and if the audio is terrible we can just put a nice song over it all.
  2. Another small thing I have to practice better is focus, I had a short lens (so the foreground would be clear and the background would be blurry so as to not attract too much focus) however it was quite hard keeping their faces and other focal points in focus due to the fact that I was moving around so much. We had brought tripods but since we were merely ‘flies on the wall’ it was virtually impossible to find a good vantage point and just set up. So there is some soft focus in a couple of the shots unfortunately, but I got enough footage in hard focus for it not too worry me too much.
  3. The other part – which I want to cry over – is my camera is a DSLR (all the better college cameras were booked for the weekend). My camera doesn’t show how much of the SD card it’s used up. So right at the end, as the bride was throwing her bouquet behind her, my memory card became 100% full. I was gutted. Absolutely devastated. Luckily most of the people had their phones out and were also filming so I’ve asked them to send me their footage, and I will edit it all together.

Before grey hairs are formed, the bride specified she’s so grateful to have me (because she had no more money to spend on her wedding) that she just wanted some footage of her first kiss and cutting the cake and she’d be happy with anything we got. So hopefully if I edit it nicely it will turn out really well anyway.

I’m really looking forward to the editing process, I’m quite backed up at the moment when it comes to editing projects, but the wedding was so incredibly beautiful I’m itching to watch all the footage again.

  • So I need to get much more familiar with audio, write checklists of equipment that we have, and be better at time-management so I can get all my editing done!


Watch below to see a small snippet of their wonderful wedding



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