Cello Shoot


On Wednesday night I was asked to film an interview for a cellist (Alex) attempting to get into a major company that plays around Australia. It was a very small team consisting entirely of an audio student and an audio lecturer so it was an honour being to be asked to responsible for the whole filming process (director/DOP).

As I’ve had a lot of practice this year, filming Alex was a easily and professionally executed. Usually being quite timid, I found myself extremely comfortable and confident asking all relevant information of where he would sit and what his vision was for it, if he wanted multiple shots, moving shots or tighter shots. Basically he wanted one static shot as this interview scenario was extremely serious and the focus was to be on his hands and not the filming. So I set up the camera on the tripod and ‘let her rip’!

One a more critical reflective note, one thing I need to practice is the initial framing. I would set up a frame, and a minute or so in I would decide that a shot would be better with small tweaks. I think I rush the frames sometimes because I don’t want the artist to feel like he’s waiting a while for me to frame up. In this case I couldn’t simply cut the shot and reframe because he would play a whole set at a time.

So in the future I will get set up earlier and frame up and then wait a bit to make sure I’m happy with it and there’s no better frame.


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