Maddy & Leah’s Engagement

Two wonderful people got engaged!


In preparation I was asked to help film it and put it together for them.

It was a very sweet idea, Maddy (the left of frame) was going to ask Leah (on the right) to marry her out in the ocean during a surf before heading in for a team picnic on a grassy area on Miami Beach. Of course everyone knew about this….except for Leah.

THE CHALLENGE: It was all dependent on their friend, Nic (who was asked to come for a surf also and film it on a GoPro), getting Leah out into flat surf. As any good surfer’s response would be, Leah wasn’t too keen.. But ironically she was lured by the idea of using the GoPro!

So out all 3 of them went, GoPro and surfboards all in hand, flutter in two of their hearts, anxiety on one’s mind.

I however stayed on the beach with my Panasonic Gh4 camera and awaited their arrival back to land. I was waiting with 7 of their closest friends from football and as some cried tears of joy the champagne started flowing with a little sound system playing. Only natural lighting was used which was perfect being a very sunny day.

It all went really smoothly! It was very romantic. Oh and Leah said yes! When others rocked up to the picnic they had flowers and lots of hugs and love to give to the newly engaged couple. I noticed everyone was asking the same questions to them, “How did you ask her?” “What did she say back?” “What were you thinking when she asked you?” “Did you have any idea about it or was it a complete surprise?”

So hopefully the short film clears some of these questions up for everyone wanting to know exactly what happened 🙂


N.B. The audio from the GoPro was a huge barrier. It’s quite hard to hear their exchange out in the ocean, however completely unavoidable with surf, wind and a respectable distance between the camera and them. But with the help of an audio student, Mel Bradley, the audio was cleaned up as best as possible. Click here to see some of her blogs and other amazing work.

The colourgading was also fun, as fun as wearing wet socks. Both cameras were set at very different white balance. My camera was at about K5000 to give a warmer feel but the GoPro was quite blue. With the lack of quality that the GoPro provides, instead of making the footage heaps warmer to match my camera, I’ve had to compromise in the middle. So I think it’s safe to say the images look quite normal.

Watch it all below:


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