Sony FS7 Camera notes (as found by Matt Maniego)

For our major projects we will be using the Sony FS7. Seeing as I’m DOP for my last two major projects I’ve done some more basic research on it just to expand my knowledge on this particular camera.


Matt Maniego is a San Fransisco-based filmmaker that has trialed many a cameras. He tested out the Sony FS7 in comparison and found some benefits and disadvantages (Cortigiano, 2015). For more about him, click here for his professional website.



  • S Log 3

Matt finds that the ability to capture so much detail on a compressed codec is amaze! Footage is sharp, especially if you capture in 4K and master in 1080p. But I’ll need to remember to bring plenty of backup SD cards when shooting in this codec especially in slow-motion.

  • Internal SlowMo in 4K at 1080p

Its not at 150 FPS at 1080 like a RED Epic, but it’s 180 FPS at 1080 and that’s pretty good too. The footage captured at 180 FPS is downsampled from 4K and looks spectacular. You can also shoot up to 240 FPS at 1080p if you record to an external recorder.

  • Lightweight

The camera is so light it makes a good run-and-gun camera.

  • Dual Audio XLR Inputs

With this function we can record great sound from lavaliers allowing you to sync up as you go instead of doing it in post. But always get a professional if possible, great sound is so important!

Not so beneficial

  • The Menu System

It takes time switching from slow-mo and back to real time again, so practice!

  • Balance

The camera is unbalanced, with the centre of gravity closer to the front of the camera. When I was shooting for a video clip with the FS7 I found this particularly annoying when trying to set it up on the jib.



Cortigiano, K. (2015). 3 Things That Are Annoying About The Sony FS7 – BorrowLenses Blog. BorrowLenses Blog.




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