Week 2

This week we found out what projects are getting lifted off the ground.


!Death of the Dude & Average Joe!

They were apparently clear winners, their pitches were great and they definitely deserve to see their projects completed.

I was lucky enough to work on the one I wanted, Average Joe, and also get the crew role I wanted to, which was Director of Photography and writer (of the 4th episode).

We’ve brainstormed ideas and I’m really excited about the project.
As a writer and DP, I have alot of research to get done.

During the week we will discuss our own ideas of characters and plot and pick the best ideas. I’ve mostly focused on character development because I think it’s important to fashion plot from character.

Characters Descriptions

Joe Robinson – aka Average Joe, loser, protagonist
Dawn Holden – aka Bunny Swallows, porn actress, love interest
John Jeremy – aka Dickie Rammer, ex-porn star, porn director,
Frank Wiesel – aka Dickie’s assistant, bunnys ex.




Joe is positive, told by exes that he’s boring and they leave him for something more exciting so to be more adventurous, more macho and have girls like him – he looks into porn. When presented with the opportunity to participate he gladly steps into it.




Bunny is sexy, sassy and always in control. Men try and attract her by being overly dominant, but she’s more into shy, vulnerable men.
She thinks her boss is an idiot and appeases him for her money. She has a soft spot for her ex but feels like he got lost in the porn industry. She still dreams of being an actress.


dickie rammer


Dickie is overly cocky and overcompensates for the fact that he’s old news. He reminisces over the past and tries to boost his own ego by  making others feel inferior. He is secretly gay and enjoys the drama of porn.



Frank found Bunny too hard to deal with. He only wanted her when she was unattainable and only kept her so no-one else could have her. He got bored and cheated on her with another porn star. He admires Dickie and wants to one day take his place. He’s insecure of his small penis – which is why he could never get into the industry.



Episode Outlines
Episode 1) ‘Death’ – office job. inspo start of fight club.

Episode 2) ‘New’ Joe wakes up in hospital. Auditions for porn and gets hired.

Episode 3) porno, meets bunny

Episode 4) date night (gets real) back stories. dreams of escaping.

Episode 5) joe and bunny run away and start a new life together.

Film Inspirations:

The Wedding Singer (for the 80s look)
Deep Throat
Boogie Nights
Be Kind Rewind
Ron Jeremy (porn star on netflix)
The Girl Next Door

Overall Theme: Belongingness.

….As you can probably tell we have a very big journey ahead of us with plenty of mistakes and achievements to be had. I’m cringing but also excited to find out exactly what they will be. 

crazy eyes


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