Wk 4 – Music Video & Company Event Shoots

This week I had two major night events on in a row. A music video shoot for Pocket Clock, and videography for a promotional event thrown by the company I’m interning for, Klara Cosmetics. 

Music Video Shoot

I was Director of Photography (DP) along with another classmate for a jazz fusion band called pocket clock, an Australian jazz fusion band. Here is a sample of them here:
(not done by us)

We used two Sony FS7 cameras, one on a spider tripod, the other on a static tripod. We shot in Slog-3, XAVC-I, 25/50, 5500K, the ISO was up the highest it could go without being grainy and we set a button to be S&Q slow motion 60fps. 
We set up red head lights, a big LED panel and Dedos. I was quite comfortable with all the equipment being used, which makes me feel more confident about being DP on my major capstone production and the end of the year and my web-series this trimester. 

Lights were set up with the LED behind the jazz band, the red heads with blue gels to the sides and some dedos behind with red gels. This cast a nice colour onto their face. However I don’t think there was enough lighting to be happy. One of the red heads had a broken globe and it was too late to get more lights! This is how we set up.



We switched the lights off and this is how it looked.



The photos are a bit dodgy (taken on my old iphone) but you get the idea. Once the edit is ready I’ll attach to this post. Besides the lack of lighting, I’m very happy with the shots we got.

As per usual, there were mishaps. Seeing as I’m usually the director of productions, it was nice to not be in charge and be detached from the stress. Of course I was doing everything I could to aid the producer but it was nice to not carry that responsibility for once. 

One issue I ran into with the FS7 was I struggled to find how to change the colour/white balance. There was a white balance button, I pressed it and nothing happened.
Here I found a community FAQ page HERE for the camera. There is 71 pages of questions so it’s a good reference to have. 

HERE is where I found my answer though. According to “Adjusting For Natural Colors (white Balance) – Sony PXW-FS7 Operating Instructions Manual [Page 39]”, (2017), ”

When white balance is set to ATW mode, press the WHT BAL button (page 9) to set manual mode.

Select B, A, or PRESET using the WHT, BAL switch (page 9).
B: Memory B mode *
A: Memory A mode
PRESET: Preset mode
* B can be assigned to ATW ON.

Klara Cosmetics Promotional Event

The next night I was videographer for their promotional event. I used my own Panasonic GH4 camera and we had two soft boxes. I had my ISO on about 400 because it was so dark, f1.3 and 50/50 shutter speed so I can edit into fast and slow motion in post. 

See it here:


It was a really great event and night, I felt very comfortable because I’ve done things like this before. I was briefed to capture what would look like a highlight reel of the night and that was easy enough! I asked people to pose and look cute and being a socialite makeup event, they were very happy to do it. Everyone looked amazing and were having a lot of fun. There was only women there so there was a strong sense of ‘sisterhood’ and the vibes were really relaxed and carefree. I got some really nice shots and I’m excited to see how they turned out. This event was 100% winging it. Lucky for me I LOVE that type of filming. I’m always most creative when thinking on my feet so I was in my element. I don’t have any still shots of me as I was BEHIND the camera however when an edit is ready I’ll post it here. 

I didn’t run into any problems that night, it was curiously smooth and enjoyable. One thing that niggled at me though was my co-videographer  had her own camera and we set the exact same colour temperatures, yet we could see the colours on our screen were very different. I’m guessing it’s because we had different cameras and there might be slight degrees of change, but still a certain Kelvin should be pretty specific and similar throughout any camera in my opinion. 



These were the promo photos to get a sense of the company. Fun and colourful! 
Check them out! Facebook & Instagram




Adjusting For Natural Colors (white Balance) – Sony PXW-FS7 Operating Instructions Manual [Page 39]. (2017).

FS7. (2017). Community.sony.com.










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