Wk 4 – Title Sequence

This week I pitched my title sequence for Average Joe. Here it is in case you want to have a look.

Web-Series-Title-pitch (2)

In summary however, my idea was a fusion of 80’s and modern day.
Example: Close up shot of a hairy chest with “written by Rianna”, feminine hands with fake nails run down the hair pulling the name off with After Effects. Here are some visual references:

It was curiously similar to the show-runners vision for his film.

Another example of a shot in the title sequence is of a girl with 80’s eye makeup seductively blinking (JUST seeing the eyes), and the director is written on her eyelids.

Overall I don’t want any faces showing (excluding the eyelids exampled above) because porn isn’t about individuals but about body parts. So I want to show that objectification through the shots.

Backed with some cool 80’s music like this and backgrounds like this these shots would look awesome. 80

The overall theme would be fun, kinky and kooky.




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