Wk 6 – Title Sequence Shoot

I was stoked that my idea was chosen for the title sequence!

During the filming of it, I got to be head gaffer and set up all the lighting under the direction of my facilitator and director.
The title sequence was to be shot on green screen, which needed very specific lighting. Our facilitator told us that the green screen needs to be lit perfectly flat (without any shadows or imbalances), while the subject is to be lit separately, with a back light behind him to separate him from the screen.

To do this we set up two red heads on the green screen to light evenly from both sides, one red head on the subject and two small dedos on the subject (for backlight separation). Of course the main problem with this the greenscreen was receiving double the amount of light that the subject was receiving. So we covered the back two red heads with ND filters, and put a scrim on the front red head so it wasn’t so harsh on the subject. We also put a reflector on the other side of the subject to bounce the lighting from the red head so the lighting wasn’t too overly contrasted.
FUN FACT: the distance of the scrim to the light controls harshness of light, while the distance of the light & scrim to the subject controls intensity of it.


My favourite part of the day, besides doing this successfully, was adjusting the dedos at the back to create soft lines of light outlining the subjects. I was very happy with my work and cannot wait to have a turn editing this. Here is the shotlist for the title sequence for those interested:


As we have to use compositing, I’ll be researching After Effects tutorials from Lynda.com and posting my findings in another blog for future reference.

It will definitely take a while to do, but I think it’s going to be interesting and fun to make – albeit a lot of frustration and time! But it’ll be worth it.


HERE is my edit of the Title Sequence




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