Week 10 – Post Shoot Review

The shoot went really really well from my little Writer/DOP point of view.

From the very start, writing an episode took much too long, putting pressure on my DOP planning, but I got it all done and that went smoothly.
I was more worried about people being rude to each other under pressure and unprofessional in front of the actors but that definitely wasn’t the case.
It was a huge couple of days and I spent times on set every day (bar 1 that i was sick for). So at the end of it I was unequivocally exhausted. These were my roles:

Ep 1: 2nd AC
Ep 2: 1st AC
Ep 3: 1st AC/Grip
Ep 4: 1st AC/Grip
Ep 5: Writer/DOP

Some problems I ran into while shooting was TIME and RESOURCES. These were related and fed into each other.

Many times I needed to move the set around when we were shooting different angles and I found there wasn’t a lot of help available. The people were there but the motivation to help was lacking so I always found it easier just to do things myself, which costed us shooting time and I didn’t feel I could get the best shots possible. But there was one guy that was constantly in my face asking if i needed help during every shot set up and I really appreciated that! I made a special mention of him afterwards in the debrief.
However I am content with them, especially seeing as my director was happy with what we got. Our thorough planning out of the shots was incredibly helpful.
We didn’t do a test shoot which was also very hindering and also added unneccessary time wasting on set, as some planned shots couldn’t work in real life and work out differently. The reason we didn’t do a test shoot was because from the writing, we were behind and simply ran out of time. Also the actors weren’t confirmed until late either but without actors I definitely could just use stand ins.

Next time:
-Test shoot.


But everything worked out very well in the end and there really isn’t much I’d change at all. It was an awesome experience and I loved working with the people around me.


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